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Advanced Dental Technology

- Lakewood, WA

As one of Lakewood, WA area’s most prominent resources for quality dental care, Family Dentistry of Lakewood specializes in a wide range of dental services using the most advanced technology available to give patients a healthier smile.


And while we work hard to integrate the latest technology into our practice to ensure you get the best results, Dr. Jutric and our team focus on making your experience relaxing and comfortable.

CEREC Milling_Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at


Dr. Jutric uses this innovative

2D/3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Technology) scanner

to get the most accurate panoramic x-ray with high definition for diagnosing​

patient conditions.

This diagnostic scan creates a

3D model of the patient's teeth, jaw and bone for a more comprehensive view giving

Dr. Jutric more insight when creating an advanced treatment plan for implants, clear aligners and root canals.

Orthophos SL

2D/3D Imaging

Dental x-ray


WaveOne® advanced tools and techniques are used at Family Dentistry of Lakewood to help

make this procedure smooth, safe, and no more uncomfortable than

a regular filling.

Dr. Jutric selects the technology that best assists him in creating

a positive experience for

his patients.

WaveOne Gold®

Technology used for 

pain-free root canals

Digital Intraoral X-ray


At Family Dentistry of Lakewood,

we use state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology to capture the best x-ray images in the shortest possible time to minimize patient exposure.  


These radiographs provide Dr. Jutric with sharper detail and improved diagnostics for assessing patients and planning their treatment plans.

GENDEX expert DC

Digital Intraoral X-ray

CORP-image-professional treatment-assist


With a focus on patient comfort,

Dr. Jutric has invested in the latest digital scanning equipment.

At Family Dentistry of Lakewood, patients no longer get a tray full

of putty in their mouth, this archaic method of taking teeth impressions is now replaced by a single digital scan.

The scan creates a comprehensively accurate,

three-dimensional image

of your teeth faster than ever

and without any unpleasant

physical contact.


Digital Scanning

Smiling in a Food Truck

Dr. Jutric and the team at

Lakewood Family Dentistry, rely

on the advanced craftsmanship

of Hiossen® dental implants to restore confidence in your smile.

Dental implants are designed to

fill toothless areas. They are a safe alternative treatment to a bridge

or dentures.

State of the art implants designed for beautiful smiles

Nitrous Oxide_AdobeStock_53705090.jpeg


Family Dentistry of Lakewood,

now offers sedation dentistry to help nervous patients relax and experience an anxiety-free dental procedure. Whether you need just

a little help to feel comfortable or something more substantial, you can rely on Dr. Jutric and our caring

team to be there with a

supportive solution.

We found it usually takes one

stress-free appointment using

sedation to help a person overcome their dental fears.

Nitrous Oxide

Relieve dental anxiety

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