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Same-Day Dentistry

Dr. Damjan Jutric is a highly skilled, modern dentist with advanced training and the latest office based digital technology.

When you need dental restoration and want a comfortable, long-lasting solution, “Dr. J” may suggest CEREC®. This technology uses 3-D photography and innovative (CAD/CAM) design software, creating a  virtual model treatment plan, allowing one-visit restoration,
saving you time and money.
CEREC = Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics

CEREC®– Single Visit Dentistry

for Maximum Efficiency & Safety


“Dr. J” and our dedicated team are continuous learners, always up to date with cutting edge advances in dental technology and techniques. It’s no surprise that we utilize state-of-the-art dental equipment, including CEREC® one-visit restoration technology, helping us provide you the best possible dental care and experience.

You will benefit from our convenient and safe in-house production with CEREC®:

  • Custom-made dental restorations can be created in a single visit – eliminating the need for a return visit – a more efficient workflow with minimized patient risk

  • Appointment scheduling is optimized, reducing your waiting time and social interactions

  • Every step of the process is done in our office reducing cross-contamination risk to you

With CEREC one-visit restorations, you will have no need
for uncomfortable temporary crowns.
In addition, CEREC uses advanced scanning technology to design the restoration, eliminating the need for messy impressions. CEREC one-visit restorations are created from high-quality porcelain that is matched to your individual tooth color, so your restorations will look beautiful and natural for years to come.

We Create

Your Crown

in One Visit with CEREC®


Exam & Prep

Dr. Damjan Jutric starts by examining your tooth and determining the appropriate treatment.

If a crown is the best solution, he will prepare your tooth for restoration.

At the Dentist
Digital Scan

Using CEREC®, the leading 3D digital 

scanning technology,

Dr. J will capture the image of your tooth to begin designing your crown. 

CEREC Patient_Scan.png
Design & Fabricate

Using CAD/CAM software, Family Dentistry of Lakewood completes the design of your crown.  The data is transferred to the Dentsply Sirona milling machine to make your custom fit crown in 10 - 15 minutes.

CEREC Milling_AdobeStock_284783991.jpeg
Finish & Place

Once fabricated, your crown is sintered for hardness, glazed for smoothness and finished to color match your teeth.  Dr. J then bonds your new ceramic crown into place, restoring your beautiful smile.

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